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Flax harvesting 2020


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JSC "Gomellen" It was created in 2005 by transforming Association of flax cultivation farms.


JSC "Gomellen" is the only one in the area now, engaged in the cultivation and primary processing of fiber flax. At present, the company consist of one linen mill - Uvarovichi Linen Mill.

The main activities of the company are:

  • - cultivation of flax;
  • - primary processing of flax stock and getting out of her long and short flax fiber;
  • - flax seeds production.

The main products are flax fiber.

Linen mill produce long and short flax fiber: long - № 10- 13 and greater short - № 2-6 above. The main consumer products company is the Orsha Linen Mill, receiving the delivery of long and short fibers.

Fiber lower rates realized to other consumers, the major share among which occupy export-sorting base, subsequently carrying out the supply of fiber for export to the neighboring and far abroad.